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The London Swing and Soul Band prides itself in offering its clients a choice of singers as well as complete transparency and honesty regarding their availability.   Guest Singers are an important component of the Band’s offering, but many of the core musicians/members of the band also sing (keys/guitar/trombone/bass).  Since 2017, The London Swing and Soul Band has started performing at shows using more than 1 guest singer at a time.  This is an attractive option if there is the space and budget.


Soul / Pop / RnB / Latin

Gaby Feldman is a singer hailing from North London with a huge personality and an even bigger voice to go with it. Gaby is sure to dance around on stage and get everyone dancing while singing all types of songs ranging from the Motown classics to modern pop tunes.


Soul / Motown / Pop / RnB

Davinia has a young, funky style and attitude coupled nicely with mature and passionate contralto vocals that breeze through styles from jazz and soul to pop and rock. She has strong harmony skills and is a confident lead vocalist. Her repertoire covers songs beyond her years, stretching from 1950’s to current chart material.


Jazz / Soul / Motown / ReggAE / Pop / Swing

One of the most outstanding soul singers and entertainers we have ever had the pleasure to work with. After a short maternity break, Naz is back in full swing.


Soul / Jazz

Janine has a voice and charisma like no other. She is an obvious choice for your special event as long as she is in the country!! Grab her while you can!


Soul / Jazz / Pop / Dance

Jessica is one of The London Swing and Soul Band's most recent additions. With roots from Europe and Africa and genre influences from Jazz to Soul to Funk, she is a wonderful choice of lead, guest and backing vocalist.


Jazz / Swing / Latin / Lounge

An award winning Jazz Singer with an inimitable style and fantastic ability to scat and improvise, this young outstanding Lithuanian Jazz Singer adds a higher element of class and sophistication to any event


Rock / Jazz / Swing / Soul / World

Daniel is the founder of The London Swing and Soul Band and performs either as singer or bandleader at an event, depending on styles required. Daniel has had a remarkable career in Europe, the Americans and on multiple cruise ships. Singing-wise, his speciality is singing Elvis, Sinatra and picking up songs in multiple languages.


Jazz / Swing

A powerhouse of British Jazz and Swing singing. If this guy can't swing it, its not worth swinging.


Soul / Pop / RnB / Motown / Jazz / Swing

Chess started working with us in 2018 when, unusually, the key guest singer was unable to attend the event. The client and bandleader carefully selected Chess from about 15 highly talented singers. Chess was a remarkable choice and wowed us with a rendition of "Great Gig in the Sky" at the end of the night - watch until the end of the video!


Classical / CabaRET / Swing

Marika is a Global Award Winning Opera Crossover Soprano, International Award Winning Vocal / Communications & Presentation Coach and Singing for Wellbeing Specialist. Amongst her performance credits, Marika has released her own Album (A Broken Heart), sung for the Royal Family, performed at The Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, Conducted and Sung at The Royal Albert Hall.


Soul / R&BB

Andreas is a flawless and soulful male vocalist. His own music is a fusion of the new and the old, mixing soulful R&B and Gospel with tuneful indie pop, all informed by his experiences in the contemporary London music scene.


Classical / Jazz / Crossover

Classically trained British Opera Star Emily Estelle brings a unique dimension to her performances by infusing pop, jazz standards, movie soundtracks and musical theatre with classical precision. Emily began her training at the age of 13, studying voice for 5 years at the Junior Guildhall School of Music and Drams followed by an Honours degree at theRoyal Northern College of Music.


Swing / Soul

The London Swing and Soul Band proudly present new guest Jazz Singer Marisa Dargahi, all the way from New York. With a background in Acting, Musical Theatre and Jazz Performance, she looks forward to entertaining with us in our forthcoming season of live events.


Jazz / Swing / Jive

George is a unique blend of Brass player (Trombone) bandleader, singer and entertainer with a awesome raspy/growly swing/soul voice and an amazing stage presence.


Jazz / Soul / Swing

A unique voice and personality that transcends jazz, soul, house music, swing, jive, hip hop, rnb and experimental music. A highly successfui recording artist as well as singer and pianist.

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