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The London Swing and Soul Band - Repertoire

Our Repertoire is constantly evolving and we always take account of client preferences

At any given event, the band can play only pop or only swing or only jazz or a complete mixture of all styles!

The London Swing and Soul Band offers 5 main styles of live entertainment.

The first two genres are included as standard in the main setlists.

1. Dance Music eg. Soul, Rock, Pop, Motown

2. Jazz, eg. Swing, Jive, Ballad, Easy Listening

From the first two categories, our clients may request a complete mix or a focus on a smaller selection of styles/genres.   These song lists are in almost constant change, so please feel free to request your favourite songs.

In addition, The London Swing and Soul Band offers music from around the world.

The preparation of these sets incurs additional fees.

3. Jewish / Klezmer / Israeli Dancing

4. Latin / Ballroom / Salsa / Merengue / Samba / Bossa

5. Special Requests from Russia, Turkey, India, Italy, France, Egypt, Iran, etc

Latin, Jazz, Swing

Soul and Pop

Classic and Modern Rock


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