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Not every event is the same. Some may require a feel for the old, some a feel for the new, and of course, some a complete mix! Some may be more soul, some more swing, some with more pop music, some with more world music. As The London Swing and Soul Band likes to emphasize versatility and variety, it is important to approach each event individually. Some clients may prefer the idea of the band performing in an ad-hoc / improvisational way, some may prefer that the songs are performed consistently with the radio version … To this end, its important to emphasise that, based on the requirements of the client, and also the availability of the key players of the band, for every event, a specific bandleader is appointed who will define the character of the band for that specific event. The bandleader is ultimately responsible for the arrangement, the sound, the singer(s) and indeed the whole band for the night. 



Upon returning from living in Switzerland for 7 years where he worked as assistant events programmer to David Richards (Montreux Jazz, Queen producer, Duran Duran, David Bowie), Daniel spent 3 years following his passion as piano bar entertainer on the High Seas, travelling with various companies to over 350 ports! Versatile and Multilingual, Daniel sings numerous styles and can also sing in up to 20 languages. Daniel specialises in the older songbook of Elvis, Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald, Nat King Cole! Daniel has a long track record of organising events and booking musicians and artists in the UK, France, Switzerland, Italy and Germany.



Its hard to say Matt is a specialist in styles because he truly rules in all of them! The longest standing bandleader of The London Swing and Soul Band after Daniel, Matt is the expert's choice for an unbelievably unforgettable night that will have everyone dancing and singing along as well as laughing. His improvisational skills are second to none and his ability to conduct live dance-offs is unrivalled! Matt's experience also covers extensive teaching to both children and corporate clients all over UK and Europe. He has performed at Glastonbury and numerous other festivals and is incredibly active on the UK and European festival scene.



Harrison is a gifted musician and musical director. An event with Harrison at the forefront will be professionally run and extremely tight start to finish. One of the best brass players in London who has spent the Summer of 2019 touring the UK and Europe with a number of hot festival acts, Harrison is an understated talent on the keys with unbelievable improvisational skills on both piano and trumpet.



George is a larger-than-life Jazz character destined for great things in the London and International Jazz scene. He combines an incredible zest for vintage swing with a highly contemporary growl of a sound that creates great excitement at live events. If you want your private party to be brought to live with the atmosphere of a hot Jazz club, then make sure to include George as a trombonist, singer or bandleader.



James IS The London Music Scene. If there's venue or event happening in London (Soul / Rock / RnB) or a touring musician playing, James will be involved one way or the other - accompanying on guitar, recording, lighting, sound engineering, facilitating, managing. He certainly brings a youthful and contemporary element to The London Swing and Soul Band and is a great coordinator of musicians and singers.



Vilija arrived on the London Jazz scene in 2010 and after 5 years working with Daniel regularly at Caffe Concerto and other venues and events, she developed her own entourage of incredible jazz musicians, bringing an air of brightness, sophistication, improvisation and even modernity to the classic Jazz repertoire. A wonderfully lyrical and interactive presence to have at any event.

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